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Check out our huge selection of picnics baskets & accessories to make your picnic days out even more enjoyable. We review and compare numerous products including wicker, fabric, plastic, insulated, collapsible and even mini picnic baskets. You could even take a look at our favourite folding picnic tables or our top 3 picnic baskets!

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The Best Picnic Baskets & Accessories



With plenty of room to carry all of your picnic goodies, these backpacks and rucksacks are a great addition for any keen picnic fan who loves to hike!
Rugs & Blankets

Rugs & Blankets

The perfect picnic blanket makes all the difference when you go for a picnic. Check out our selection of the best insulated and waterproof rugs & blankets.
Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets

A great all-round gift for anyone who loves snacks and goodies, check out our favourite wicker gift baskets available in lots of different shapes and sizes.
Cooler & Wine Bags

Cooler & Wine Bags

If you haven’t yet purchased an insulated picnic basket then a cooler bag is the next best option for keeping all of your snacks nice and fresh during a hot day.

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Top 5 Picnic Baskets

Check out our choice of the best picnic baskets