Spending time outdoors is both relaxing and healthy, when we get decent weather in the UK, we love to relax in the garden after a long day and make the most of it. Outdoor furniture and seating is very popular in the UK and there are tons of different types and style of benches to choose from. Types of garden bench available include traditional, storage, companion, picnic, folding and bespoke. Though there are portable picnic benches, most picnic benches are designed to be used in back gardens rather than secluded and wild picnic spots in the country!

Choosing a picnic bench depends upon a variety of factors such as the material and style. Traditional picnic benches are the A-frame type picnic bench which is a table flanked by two short benches on either side facing toward each other. but there are other types which feature a circular table. Often these picnic benches are provided with holes in the centre for a parasol to protect from strong sun and rain. Some picnic benches are folding so offer a compact solution to outdoor seating as they can be packed away when not in use in the winter to avoid damage and save space.

Picnic benches are available in a choice of materials including wood, metal, stone and plastic. The majority are made from wood which can last for years but does need some maintenance. Metal is often used in conjunction with timber for the legs and frame of picnic benches. Stone picnic benches are quite rare in modern domestic settings due to weight and cost, but they are highly desirable and very expensive. Plastic is one of the cheaper options and is a very popular choice, not just because of the reduced costs, modern plastics are a more reliable and robust material plus they require virtually zero maintenance yet offer a very long lifespan.