Picnicking is a globally accepted staple socializing activity. From barbecues to lunches with colleagues and close friends to a day out for your family reunion, a picnic will provide a leisurely environment to entertain and catch up any type of company. Picnicking provides more than an opportunity to dust off the wicker basket and the blanket. However, you do not need paper plates or old blankets, the right picnic accessories will make a difference. In addition to Picnic trays, Flasks, Tumblers and Chairs, the following are the top 5 picnic accessories to consider.

1. Picnic Table
Mostly, people will associate the word “picnic” with red-and-white checkered clothes set up on soft green grass. In old-time theory, it is not a good idea for families and friends to enjoy their meals outdoor. However, during your picnic, a picnic table will enable you to truly enjoy your meals. Choose a table that is large enough to allow your guests to sit comfortably. When your guests are sitting, they will easily enjoy great conversation and food. They will not worry about balancing flimsy papers on their laps. Moreover, you can add weatherproof cushions to a picnic table’s benches to ensure that your guests will remain comfortable throughout the day.

2. Grill
Did you know that the food you cook in your kitchen and carry outside might not compare to the food you grill in the wonderful outdoors. While hotdogs and hamburgers are the standard fare, the following are some other great foods to consider:
– BBQ ribs or chicken
– Vegetables like squash, peppers, corn and onions
– Shrimp or fish
– Fruits such as peaches and pineapple

There are two primary types of grills – charcoal and propane. Each type has its group of true-hearted fans who tout the benefits. Charcoal grills might be hard to get moving, but they produce the best flavor. On the other hand, propane grills are easier to start and they will maintain steady temperature.

3. Umbrella or Awning
When shopping, search for a picnic table that has an umbrella attachment. Umbrellas offer welcome shade from hot sun and protection in case of summer showers. For a large party or something seemingly permanent, a retractable awning will be a better choice. It will attach to the side of your house and you can easily extend it if the need arises. You only need to place your table underneath the space that awning covers.

A patio umbrella will keep your drinks and food cool and help you stay out of blazing sun. The wide variety of sizes means that you will get one that will perfectly match your needs. You can purchase them from an online or local store.

4. Napkin, Silverware and Condiment Caddy
Cups and plates are vital during a picnic. Try to juggle some extras like condiments, napkins and silverware, and you will realize the associated hassles. You can keep them organized in a caddy specifically designed for that purpose. Mostly, they will feature a compartment for every type. A quick example: a flat space with a weighted arm will prevent the blowing away of your napkins in the breeze. A separate area for the spoons, forks, knives and a special space for mayo, ketchup and mustard will keep all items organized.

5. Lighting and Music
Your fun picnic will not be complete without lighting and music. A Set of quality speakers will easily hook up to an iPhone or iPod allowing your friends to jam out to the best music the whole afternoon. Some tunes will blend perfectly for dining during the night – under the moon and stars. All weather white lights are suitable for decoration purposes. What’s more, themed part lights will perfectly match your music selection. If the weather is likely to turn cold, a chimney or outdoor fireplace will add warmth along with ambient lighting.

Spending your free time outdoors, breathing fresh air, basking in nature and enjoying great views will help you grow. The pure air will invigorate you and leave you feeling more rejuvenated. Furthermore, spending some time with your family and friends will help in bonding, particularly in the current urbane lifestyle where there is limited time to allow maintenance of relationships with the people who mean much to you. Remaining engaged with your friends and family will help build strong bonds. It will foster security, warmth and love in addition to feelings of belonging. However, you have to select the right accessories for your picnic.