In the UK when the weather gets warmer, we all start thinking about spending more time outdoors and there’s nothing nicer than eating outdoors on a lazy summers day. Few things say British summer time like a picnic. But if you want to dine in style and keep food cool and intact, you need a decent picnic bag to pack everything into. When choosing a picnic cooler bag, be sure to think about how many people you need to cater for, then consider any particular accessories you think you will need, such as wine cooler, picnic rug or corkscrew.

You also need to think about whether you need all the picnic essentials as part of a complete kit, or just needs an insulated bag and would prefer to source all the cutlery, plates and other picnic accessories separately.

A compact picnic bag or basket can really help to make a picnic special. Cool-boxes or cool bags are also essential when camping or spending or day trips if you’re taking food and drink with you. Cool bags are generally the cheaper option for cooling food or drink when compared to passive or powered coolboxes.

Picnic cool bags are ideal for day trips and picnics, but work best when used alongside freeze packs to supply adequate cooling keep the food/drink cool for long periods. Cool bags use foam insulation to help them stay cool in conjunction with freeze packs. Some picnic baskets have cooled compartments but they are generally of quite small capacity, perhaps just big enough to carry a small bottle of wine, definitely not up to the job of keeping cans of cold drinks cool and sandwiches fresh for the entire family all day!