When most people imagine a picnic basket, they normally think of a traditional wicker basket with a handle on top and a chequered lining. Of course today the choice of picnic basket includes a diverse range of modern designs and materials, but the traditional vintage style of picnic baskets remains an attractive option, even if many just want the vintage style, but modern materials and options such as foam insulation to keep drinks cool.

Picnics have been popular in UK parks for over 200 years, but buying the perfect basket can be difficult as there is such a huge choice available nowadays, even if just considering vintage style wicker baskets. Traditional empty picnic baskets are simple, made out of wicker or some other woven material like bamboo, they have a handle on top to make them easy to carry and the inside is often lined with material to protect the inner basket, with a red and white chequered pattern being most popular. But unlike modern baskets, vintage picnic baskets do not have any additional features, like insulation, wine bottle holders or special compartments.

Vintage picnic baskets look great and really capture the essence of the traditional British classic picnic and are very durable. However, they are harder to keep clean, are rigid and bulky for storage when not in use and offer none of the additional features modern consumers are used to – they won’t keep food and drinks cool in warm weather, plus they have no compartments so sandwiches and pastries can often end up getting squished in transit!

I summary, vintage picnic baskets look cool, but are not very practical, best to go for a modern basket with a traditional wicker basket style, but plenty of features to help make your picnic more enjoyable!