Today’s insulated picnic baskets have come a long way from the ugly coolers of the past. Though it has to be said, the plain boxy shape is best when it comes to storage capacity! Nowadays you can find a nice array of trendy insulated picnic baskets available that have the same shape as traditional coolers, but with modern technology and materials, plus sturdier and more ergonomic carrying handles.

You can even get modern picnic baskets that look just like the traditional wicker construction, but have an inner insulating lining or a concealed insulated compartment to keep food hot, or cool. Most often however, people picnic in the summer when it is hot, so the main purpose for an insulated picnic basket is to keep your food fresh and your drinks cool.

Many of the better picnic baskets come with insulated compartments and some are fully lined with insulating material so the entire contents of the basket are insulated. The great thing about these insulated baskets is that you no longer need to carry a cool box with your basket. This is essential for wine connoisseurs, in fact many people today enjoy a nice glass of wine with their picnic, in fact most picnic baskets come with a corkscrew and bottle opener as part of the contents and many baskets are designed to be used for carrying wine.

Of course you don’t have to choose a traditional wicker type picnic basket, there are many contemporary styled picnic baskets made using modern fabrics which are every bit as durable and easier to keep clean too. Typically these modern insulated baskets are constructed from plastic and polyester, using lightweight but sturdy aluminium handles and frames, some of them are collapsible too for easier storage!