Mini picnic baskets are often used for children to take on picnics so they feel they are taking part and have their own important role to play! But in addition they are also used for small picnic lunches, packed with just a couple of snacks, or they can even be used as gift baskets to make cute Christmas and Birthday presents!

Country baskets have a cute mini picnic basket that can be used for presenting home made cakes, biscuits or chocolate eggs, so it makes a great gift for Easter when filled with mini eggs and can even be used as part of a child’s play tea set, the basket measures 13 cm x 11 cm x 8 cm.

Uppercrust offer a mini lined picnic basket in traditional willow with red and white check lining that measures 290 x 220 x 150mm. These baskets make super Christmas presents when filled with goodies and are also great for kids that love to play picnic, or even for kids to take on a real picnic so that they can feel involved too. Uppercrust make a variety of picnic baskets and this mini version is so cute yet is still a sturdy little basket.

So whether you are looking for a mini picnic basket to form the base for a present at Christmas or Easter, for wedding favours, for birthdays, or you are actually looking to buy a teeny basket to carry snacks for a mini picnic break, there are a variety to choose from starting at around a tenner for a traditional wicker basket. Closable lids, linings and other features will add considerably to the cost however and a really nice mini picnic basket can easily end up costing as much as a full size one!