Wooden picnic tables and benches are a great option for alfresco dining in the garden. Whether you prefer the bench type table with integral seating, or a more traditional round table design with individual seats, both types of table will allow you to use your garden to its full potential when the weather is suitable. Just make sure that any wooden garden furniture has been treated for outdoor use, if not you will have to stain and/or varnish before use for longevity.

Plastic picnic tables are another outdoor dining option, cheaper than real wooden picnic tables, the tables made from 100% recycled plastic are still environmentally friendly and are also maintenance free with no painting, sanding or treating ever required. They are also safe and splinter free in use. On the downside they do not look half as good as traditional wooden furniture, but they are so much cheaper and much easier to live with in terms of maintenance required. That being said, some of the more expensive modern plastic tables from some manufacturers are made to look just like traditional wooden tables and are quite convincing from a distance.

Portable camping tables are handy for picnics or camping holidays as they fold flat and are lightweight. However the lighter folding tables which are truly portable are not usually very sturdy, whereas the heavier duty portable picnic tables more suitable for adult use, can only really be carried as far as the bottom of the garden as they are far too heavy to carry to a secluded picnic spot! Portable camping tables do make great children’s picnic tables though, often too short for adults who will struggle due to knee height, but perfect for little ones – give the kids their own table and leave plenty of space on the picnic blanket for mum and dad!